N. Academy is an unconventional motion graphics/design training institute that aims at building the next generation creative artist in the area of motion design/graphics, animation, and video production services.

Our Courses

A free 4-week course aimed at introducing complete beginners to Adobe After effects, an amazing tool in a motion designer’s toolbox.

A motion design course aimed at introducing complete beginners into the amazing world of motion design.

A motion design course that introduces advanced concepts to already professional motion designers. 

A course for designers, illustrators and animators who wants to create beautiful storytelling animation.

Interested in our physical classes instead?

Our physical classes offer courses ranging from intermediate level to advanced level. Duration is four weekends with 6 hours of an interactive, step-by-step, project-based program aimed at challenging your creativity. You will be exposed to a wide range of techniques to help you settle in nicely in the industry. Participants should come prepared to test their limits and explore a whole new creative horizon.