Motion Design Kickstart

A motion design course aimed at introducing complete beginners into the amazing world of motion design. You don’t need any previous knowledge in motion graphics or experience.

  • We’ll start with the super basics, taking you through what motion design is.
  • We’ll experiment with texts and cover other techniques like track matte, masks, and camera.
  • We’ll take simple shapes and footage, and breathe life into them by employing some animation principles.
  • We’ll do some fun things all the way through to exporting for social media.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get you started!

What Students Are Saying


Introduction to Motion Design

  • What is Motion Design?
  • Who are those that use Motion Design?
  • Why Motion Design?
  • Tools used in the Motion Design Industry

Introduction to After Effects Workflow

  • A brief overview of panels
  • Custom workspace
  • Composition settings
  • Pixels/Resolution

Working with Shape Layers

  • Drawing Shapes
  • Creating a background with solid
  • Transform properties
  • Anchor point
  • Basic animation
  • Trim paths

Animating Text

  • Transform properties
  • Text presets

Working with footage, pictures and sound

  • Create simple slideshow
  • Other assets for slideshows
  • Blend modes

Techniques in After Effects

  • Track matte
  • Introduction to pre-comp
  • Working with masks
  • Animation using effects and presets
  • Performing colour correction

Introduction to 3D composition

  • 2.5D in After Effects
  • 3D in After Effects

Rendering a footage

  • Rendering in After Effects

Bonus Lessons

  • Touch on Photoshop
  • Touch on Premiere Pro
  • Touch on Media Encoder