Ridwan Graphic design Mentorship

Bello Olamiji Ridwan is the founder of Realbells Media and a professional graphic designer.

With 6 years of design experience, he has worked as a freelance and onsite designer on several design projects for businesses, brands, and organizations.

He has also facilitated design training for HSAP, Dreams Media, and Ace Creative Academy.

He is well-versed in visual design, and he is crucial in using design to tell a story and convey the true value of the project being worked on. His creative magic tools are the Adobe Creative Suite and Corel Suite, which he uses in developing winning magic ideas.




DURATION: Minimum of 3 months

MODE OF MENTORING: Virtual Mentorship. Meet twice a week via google meet. But still have access to the mentor 24/7


  • Meeting twice in a week (Physical/Virtual)
  • Access to premium design resources used by the mentor
  • 24/7 Access



Basic/Intermediate knowledge in graphic design

Basic/Intermediate knowledge in Adobe photoshop & Adobe Illustrator


Yes, Certificates will be provided after completing any of our courses.

We have a forum where you can ask your questions and get answers incase you are stuck

The courses run for approximately 8 – 12 hours, you are free to take them at your own pace depending on your schedule 

The courses contain videos to be streamed as well as training materials so you can practice during or after the training.

If you have questions not answered above, simply send an email to Hello@nacademyng.com